• Network Coding
    Network Coding is a coding methodology and
    essential ingredient for next generation
    data communications and storage
  • Content Distribution / IPTV
    Network Coding enables next generation content
    delivery with 80% improvements in data availability
    for streaming video.
  • Mobile Streaming Video
    Network Coding improves public WiFi
    download speeds by 5x.
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  • WiFi in Crowded Spaces
    Network Coding improves connectivity in crowded spaces.
    In meshed solutions download delays are
    reduced by 3.6x.
  • Wireless Mesh
    Network Coding enables Device-to-Device or
    Vehicle-to-Vehicle connectivity. Energy consumption
    in devices is reduced by 3.9x.
  • Enhance the Existing Cloud
    Network Coding increases cloud security,
    reliability, and performance, enabling the speedup of
    file download and regeneration times by 30-35%.
  • Edge Caching
    Network Coding enables 100% data recovery
    with dramatically less data at the edge storage.
  • High Performance Satellites
    Network Coding uses software to improve
    satellite data throughput by 20x
    (simplifying underlying protocols).

Network Coding provides order-of-magnitude increases in data throughput and robustness on existing networks, with or without access to underlying network infrastructure.

Network Coding dramatically improves mobile users’ quality of experience for streaming video, games or other media content delivered wirelessly to any mobile platform.

Network Coding enables dynamic distributed data caching as well as increased data accessibility and security in both traditional and next generation storage applications.

Learn how Random Linear Network Coding (RLNC) enables next generation product offerings while simultaneously increasing the efficiency of existing, legacy systems.

Random Linear Network Coding (RLNC) is an ingredient technology that provides remarkable product differentiation. Insert RLNC via a simple software patch.

Learn how to easily integrate RLNC libraries into new and existing applications or connect to vendors with turn-key solutions for your project.