Code On seeks to enable the broad adoption of Random Linear Network Coding (RLNC). It does that by providing consulting services and working to build an ecosystem of partners who provide a range of enabling tools and services.

Don’t want to build your own solution? That’s ok. The RLNC ecosystem has off-the-shelf product solutions as well.


Cisco is licensing Code On’s technology for a “Connected Sports” solution.

Tools and Enabling Services Companies

Chocolate-Cloud is a Danish start-up founded in 2014 by researchers from Aalborg University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Our goal is to provide flexible, highly reliable, and screaming fast cloud storage technologies using erasure correcting codes, in particular, network coding.
Steinwurf was founded in 2011 by researchers from Aalborg University (AAU) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Our primary focus is a fast C++ implementation of network coding codes, and other linear block codes, for reliable communication.
Cloud Technology Partners (CTP) provide services and software to accelerate enterprise cloud implementations. CTP services expertise includes architecting, building and managing cloud infrastructures, migrating applications and data to cloud environments, and developing cloud-native applications. CTP software solutions streamline cloud migration and development while improving the cloud readiness of enterprise applications.
Speedy Packets offers software solutions that offer multi-fold improvement in TCP performance over wireless, cellular and satellite networks.

Product Companies

iDirect, a subsidiary of VT Systems, is a global leader in IP-based satellite communications providing technology that enables our 350+partners to optimize their networks, differentiate and expand their businesses. The iDirect Intelligent Platform(tm) allows our partners to run their entire business operations more efficiently via a single, unified IP-based satellite architecture, whether it’s providing core IP applications to the enterprise or specialized services to any number of diverse vertical markets. iDirect is the #1 name in global satellite communications in key industries including maritime, military/government, and oil and gas, with a 62% hub market share and more than a quarter million remotes installed worldwide.
Streambolico is devoted to significantly improve wireless communication to and from mobile devices. Based on proprietary network coding technology, our software based solutions deliver faster, more reliable and scalable wireless communication, without requiring any modifications to the networking infrastructure. Our solutions are up to 10 times faster in both upload and download directions, over cellular and WiFi networks. With Streambolico’s software, cloud service providers can reduce costs and significantly improve their users’ QoE. Streambolico also offers a solution for streaming to hundreds of users per WiFi hotspot, which is essential todeliver multimedia content in high user density scenarios.
APSI WIFI provides unique Wi-Fi solutions to entertainment, sports, business and industrial organizations. With our partners in 2013, we captured the, “Stadium Product Innovation Award.” Our patent-pending processes allow us to offer technological innovations that will change the nature of Wi-Fi capabilities worldwide.