Code On is a university spin-out founded by the inventors of Random Linear Network Coding (RLNC), based in Cambridge MA, providing consultancy and technical services related to RLNC as well as Intellectual Property rights to the technology.

Random Linear Network Coding was invented in 2003 in a collaborative effort across multiple universities, the algorithm was thoroughly vetted and from 2006, companies like AlcatelLucent, Huawei, NBC, NetApp, Nokia, Technicolor, France Telecom/Orange, the Semiconductor Research Corporation, and others sponsored specific applied research grants.

Code On seeks to educate and train licensees on RLNC features and capabilities to foster innovation and the continued growth of network coding-enabled applications and services.

Founding Technologists

Muriel Médard

MIT Professor and Director, Network Coding and Reliable Communications Group at MIT Random Linear Network Coding (RLNC) co-inventor Co-editor, Network Coding: Fundamentals and Applications Author of over 30 patents and applications in telecom, video/content distribution, storage, enterprise networking.

Michelle Effros

California Institute of Technology Professor and Director of the Data Compression Laboratory
Random Linear Network Coding (RLNC) co-inventor.
Fortune 100 technical consultant and expert in source coding, compression, video and networking.
Authored 4 patents and applications.

Frank Fitzek

Technical University of Dresden Professor; serial entrepreneur; 5 time Nokia Champion Award recipient Vodaphone Innovation Award recipient Co-inventor of various RLNC mobile device optimizations Co-author: Mobile P2P; Cognitive Wireless Networks; Video Traces for Network Performance; Mobile Phone Programing in Wireless Networks; Cooperation in Wireless Networks, others…

Tracey Ho

California Institute of Technology Assistant Professor Random Linear Network Coding (RLNC) co-inventor Co-authored: Network Coding: An Introduction . Book Chapter Network coding and data compression in Network coding fundamentals and applications and Network coding in wireless networks in Cooperation in Wireless Networks: Principles and Applications; Expert in network coding and security; authored 4 patents and applications.

Dina Katabi

MIT Professor Founder and co-Director of Wireless@MIT, the new wireless center where companies like Amazon, Cisco, Microsoft and others work to find next generation wireless solutions Fortune 100 technical consultant and expert in wireless networks, network security, traffic engineering, congestion control, and routing; won numerous awards for her work, including 2004 NSF Career Award.