Discover the benefits of RLNC by consulting with Code On and engaging our ecosystem of partners.

Utilize our Ecosystem
of Partners to

Buy Ready-Made Solutions

Check out the partners who produce full system or product solutions that utilize RLNC.

Get Help to Design or Tune RLNC to Your Product

Work with Code On or Cloud Technology Partners’ coding experts to help architect a solution, or optimally tune RLNC to your product.
Want to integrate KODO tools or other RLNC tools? No problem. Code On is a reseller of RLNC tools.


Use Our Partners' Tools to Integrate RLNC

Utilize Steinwurf’s KODO tools to more easily integrate the basic, building block RLNC functionality into you product or service. For cloud applications consider the more targeted tools offered by Chocolate Cloud

Not sure if you have the skills to architect a solution or optimally tune RLNC? No problem. Code On or Cloud Technology Partners can provide the right experts.


Build Your Own Solution

Work with Code On to license the appropriate Intellectual Property to build RLNC into your product or service. You may also want to use Code On’s expert consultants to help architect or just more optimally tune RLNC to your product.