Using RLNC

Random Linear Network Coding (RLNC) enables next generation product offerings while simultaneously increasing the efficiency of existing, legacy systems.

It is an ingredient technology that provides remarkable product differentiation and can be inserted via a simple software patch.

RLNC libraries can easily be integrated in new and existing applications. Alternatively, a number of vendors provide project-tailored turn-key solutions.

For Executives

RLNC stands for Random Linear Network Coding. It is a powerful new technology that can be used to improve the performance of today’s communication and storage systems.

For example, RLNC can speed up the internet, improve video quality for streaming movies and live events, and decrease size while increasing reliability for the datacenters used for cloud computing.The benefits are huge. In some cases, we see 5-fold increases in throughput over the internet, 80% improvements in data availability for streaming video, and 20-50% reductions in storage center energy consumption.

Code On is a technology enabling company created to encourage innovation using RLNC. It does that by providing RLNC tools, training, and technical expertise via consulting services.

Code On’s goal is to provide basic RLNC building blocks and knowledge transfer so that its licensees can create their own proprietary solutions.

There are several ways to engage:

  • License Intellectual Property directly from Code On and build a solution from scratch.
  • Buy tools from the RLNC ecosystem and insert RLNC into your product or service.
  • Work with Code On or a systems integrator from the RLNC ecosystem to customize a solution.
  • Buy a RLNC product from a Code On licensee.