Using RLNC

Random Linear Network Coding (RLNC) enables next generation product offerings while simultaneously increasing the efficiency of existing, legacy systems.

It is an ingredient technology that provides remarkable product differentiation and can be inserted via a simple software patch.

RLNC libraries can easily be integrated in new and existing applications. Alternatively, a number of vendors provide project-tailored turn-key solutions.

For Technologists

Random Linear Network Coding or RLNC is next generation, highly versatile code that can improve transmissions in a range of different implementations at different layers of the network stack, acros many verticals as outlined in the Solutions section

The Technology section section explains RLNC’s unique capabilities through the FAQ section, a comparison of RLNC with traditional codes, as well as information about white papers on RLNC. It also provides links to tools for vendors and product solutions.

Additionally see our FAQ section.