Random Linear Network Coding (RLNC) can be used in a variety of implementations over broad range of applications. Depending on the application, implementations can be done at several different layers of the network stack.


RLNC enables the powerful, next-generation multicast features required for satellite, mobile 5G, connected cars, video streaming and much more.


RLNC can be used to seamlessly combine variable-rate flows without coordination.


Whether it is at the drive, SAN (storage area network) or cloud levels, RLNC provides innovative capabilites for data storage retrieval, reliability and repair.

IoT & Mesh

RLNC brings radical new tools to mesh and IoT networks, including powerful routing, dissemination, collection and reliability paradigms, all the while breaking latency barriers.


Interested in seeing RLNC in action? Look at the capabilities of our technologies in a wide range of applications such as content distribution, multimedia sharing, and dense mobile networks.