IoT & Mesh

Code On’s proprietary coding technology, Random Linear Network Coding (RLNC) brings radical new tools to mesh and IoT networks, including powerful routing, dissemination, collection and reliability  paradigms, all the while breaking latency barriers

Performance Improvements

  • Throughput is multiplied in wireless relay and mobile mesh networks.
  • Latency (as measured through ping delay) is reduced by one order of magnitude in wireless meshes, while file transfer delays are significantly decreased in D2D applications.
  • Energy consumption is greatly reduced in wireless mesh networks
  • Ad-hoc wireless mesh networks achieve similar QoE targets using only a fraction of the bandwidth.
  • Ad-hoc wireless mesh networks increase their range by an order of magnitude.
  • RLNC-enabled minimum-cost multicast routing significantly reduces bandwidth usage and energy consumption in provider backbone networks.
  • P2P reliability and security is improved, reducing overhead over E2E coding by more than an order of magnitude at low attack probabilities.