Code On’s proprietary coding technology, Random Linear Network Coding (RLNC), can seamlessly combine variable-rate flows without coordination.

Multipath Demo

RLNC allows a wireless edge user to download files by seamlessly combining channels with wide-ranging loss, latency and bandwidth characteristics, without need for complex scheduling. No path coordination is necessary at the source.This inherent multipath capability is often referred to as channel bundling.

Channel bundling provides tremendous gains to wireless edge devices, but also in cloud networks when moving large portions of data through Internet overlays.

Our partners at Steinwurf have recently demonstrated channel bundling.

The demonstrated setup uses two laptops with 3 WiFi interfaces each. The laptops are hence connected using three orthogonal channels with varying interference levels. As data is being transferred from one laptop to the other, the demo video illustrates the contribution of each channel to the received throughput, in absolute (top plot) and relative (bottom plot) terms. Throughout the data transfer, WiFi channels are removed and added, with the throughput effects showing in real-time. The demo illustrates the successful implementation of channel bundling in a scenario with multiple fluctuating paths.

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Please consult our white papers for a comprehensive introduction to RLNC, its unique features, and some of its most promising applications.