Code On’s proprietary coding technology, Random Linear Network Coding (RLNC), can seamlessly combine variable-rate flows without coordination.

How It Works

In today’s protocols, the state of each packet in transit is tracked to ensure reliability (e.g., TCP), an expensive and complex procedure, which has hindered the development of channel- and network-bonding solutions.

RLNC addresses the root of the problem by eliminating the need for tracking the state of each individual packet. As a consequence, RLNC allows an edge user or gateway to stream content or download files by seamlessly combining channels with variable loss, latency and bandwidth characteristics.

The underlying principle can be summed up as follows. Since the code description is embedded in each packet, RLNC renders packets interchangeable and arrival order irrelevant.

The destination user needs only to assemble a sufficient number of packets, coded or uncoded, in order to decode any particular video segment or file block. No packet-level coordination or tracking is necessary at the source or destination. Combining multiple paths with RLNC multiplies connection capacity while maintaining reliability and management simplicity.

RLNC’s native multipath support and its recoding feature form a powerful combination. Together, they enable reliable and low-latency mobile streaming, cloud networking, as well as seamless network offload (e.g., LTE+WiFi).

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