Code On’s proprietary coding technology, Random Linear Network Coding (RLNC), can seamlessly combine variable-rate flows without coordination.

Target Markets

In addition to transforming wireless access networks and storage services, RLNC can facilitate channel and network bundling to combine the throughput and reliability of multiple networks when required. A demonstration of channel bundling in a WiFi setting is described below.

This is an increasingly useful feature, since technology integration trends are turning wireless access networks into heterogeneous multipath environments. RLNC thus enables Multipath Communications across multiple markets. Some of the major applications are:

  • Heterogeneous network channel bundling for improved QoE, namely:
    • LTE + WiFi (e.g., Internet and Cellular Service Providers),
    • xDSL + VDSL (e.g., CDN),
    • MPLS + Internet (e.g., Carriers),
    • Satellite + Cellular (e.g., In-flight Internet).
  • Multi-path TCP (e.g., combining cellular and/or satellite with WiFi access to minimize costs),
  • Content Distribution Networks (CDNs),
  • Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV),
  • Cloud Services,
  • Satellite Communications (e.g., multi-channel and multi-beam communications and satellite relaying for maritime communications, mid-air (airplane) internet connectivity, remote location internet access).