Whether it is at the drive, SAN (storage area network) or cloud levels, Code On’s proprietary coding technology, Random Linear Network Coding (RLNC), provides innovative capabilites for data storage retrieval, reliability and repair.

How It Works

In conventional distributed storage, content is divided into sectors that are distributed across the target drives. When content is requested, one copy of each sector is required. It follows that high levels of redundancy are required to ensure acceptable availability, especially in heterogeneous systems.

Using Random Linear Network Coding (RLNC), an optimal number of coded sectors is distributed across storage locations, depending on security, speed, and availability requirements.

Coded sectors are more versatile than original sectors, as any coded sector can replace any missing original sector. This enables storage systems to use less redundancy than conventional coding or duplication techniques, a feature that minimizes storage and energy resource consumption. To retrieve content, all that is needed is to retrieve as many distinct coded sectors as there were original sectors. This enables the download or streaming of the same content from different locations simultaneously, without coordination.

Owing to its recoding feature, RLNC is the only coding technology that can create coded sectors from other coded (and uncoded) sectors without decoding first. This enables storage nodes and intermediate caches to generate additional redundancy on demand and in a decentralized fashion, leading to tremendous reductions in required transportation, overall storage, energy, and drive repair speed (i.e., the time it takes to replace missing or failing nodes or sectors).

More importantly, RLNC removes the need for the complex bookkeeping and scheduling required to ensure the availability of original sectors in conventional systems. This ability to reduce the need for state information (a.k.a., “stateless communications”) eliminates much of the management overhead traditionally associated with distributed storage.

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