RLNC vs Traditional Codes

RLNC has a number of unique features compared to other coding schemes.

RLNC Vs Traditional Codes

Code On uses a proprietary algorithm, Random Linear Network Coding (RLNC), to enable a range of Network Coding applications for networks, storage and mobility applications.

The key differences between RLNC and other, traditional codes are captured in the below table.



Code Capabilities RLNC Rateless Codes Block Codes Characteristics/Benefits
Erasure correction Corrects for missing or corrupted data packets
Code is carried within each packet Eliminates tracking overhead
Completely distributed operation Enables stateless management
De-code using both unencoded and coded packets No forklift upgrade; adds implementation tunability
Able to generate valid codes from coded or unencoded packets Gradual implementation; no forklift
Composability without decoding (adding incremental redundancy) Enables addition of redundancy when and where needed
Encode data in a sliding window Flexible integration with protocols for greater efficiency