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We provide several white papers that explain our approach and technology.

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Random Linear Network Coding: The Next Generation of Coding

A general introduction to Random Linear Network Coding (RLNC), Code On’s proprietary technology. RLNC’s main features and unique attributes are discussed through examples. Its potential impact on telecommunications and information technology is illustrated through some of its major applications.

Random Linear Network Coding: A Tutorial

A technical tutorial introducing Code On’s proprietary technology, Random Linear Network Coding (RLNC). The main focus of the paper is to introduce RLNC’s unique technical features compared to conventional and widely deployed forms of coding. A number of use cases and technical references are also provided.

5G White Paper

This white paper provides an overview of the contributions of Random Linear Network Coding to emerging 5G networks. A number of brief use-cases are presented covering key applications such as wireless connectivity, media delivery, mesh networking, storage networks, content distribution, peer-to-peer networking, and security.

RLNC as a Network – Layer Code

This white paper explains why coding at the physical-layer does not replace network coding at higher layers. That coding should be done preferentially at the physical-layer is a common ansatz in communication. We show how coding with less redundancy at the PHY-layer and using RLNC at the link-layer or at the transport-layer, greatly improves performance. Interestingly, coding at the transport-layer is potentially more advantageous. The gain from using RLNC at the link/network-layer ranges from 1 dB to 2 dB. With RLNC deployed at the transport-layer, we can expect gains in excess of 3 dB.

Random Linear Network Coding: A Technical Feature Overview

This white paper outlines the unique features of RLNC such as Recoding and Coding in a Sliding Window. A variety of use cases are also outlined in Multicast, Satellite, Storage and Mesh/IoT scenarios with numerous technical references to help the reader gain a broader understanding. This white paper was also featured on IEEE ComSoc Technology News July Edition 2018 with a great intoduction from Alan Gatherer, Editor-in-Chief: "...we take a look beyond the latest codes used in 5G and other transmission standards towards coding designed to support the network rather than just the link. Flexible and multi layered coding techniques are just beginning to get some traction especially, in this editor’s experience, in coding for redundant storage. But Kerim, Muriel and Kavim paint a much larger use case picture while explaining the basic principles."

Random Linear Network Coding: for Storage and Content Delivery

This white paper targets network coding in storage, with also a number of examples related to content distribution. Tutorial in nature, it illustrates why Random Linear Network Coding (RLNC) is crucial as a key architectural component of next-generation storage systems. It also explains the various ways RLNC can be applied through examples and references to key topics such as multi-sourcing, dynamic caching, multicasting, security, and migration/integration of coded content.